Google Maps SEO for Photographers

Helping photographers get a consistent supply of local clients


Google Maps is an essential tool for modern life

75% of people use Google Maps to find local businesses.

We can help you be the first photographer people see on Google Maps in your area.

Our Maps SEO expert has helped businesses double their enquires and double their turnover using Google Maps SEO

Book a call and come away with three things you can do to improve your Google Maps Entry today

Where do you appear on the Google Maps search?

Why would I want to use Google Maps?

It’s a free platform

It has no ongoing costs and is used by thousands of potential customers every day.

Consistently provides leads

Once your Google Maps profile has been optimised your business will remain near the top of a Google Maps near you.

Provides local leads

As a photographer, leads from further afield take more time and may make you less profit. Local clients are ideal for many photographers, and that is what Google Maps provides, businesses in your local area.

Great for website SEO

When judging your website Google looks at many factors including your Google Maps entry. A good Google Maps entry will boost your website in the Google search.
Simon the Google Maps SEO expert
Our SEO expert, Simon, has been helping local businesses make more money using Google Maps for over a decade. Brenda’s House of Flowers doubled their income in six months after having their Google Maps entry optimised by Simon.

Book a call and come away with three things you can do to improve your Google Maps Entry today

What is the best way to start?

1.   Book a call and you will get 3 things you can do to improve your Google maps entry

2.  Commission a Maps SEO report. This looks at your Maps entry for three search terms in your area. It then compares your entry to the three top entries in your area. You can then compare what you are doing compared to them and learn from their success.

Is Google maps right for my business?

Are you in an urban area?

If you are in or near an urban area Google Maps has plenty of people nearby to deliver to you as clients. If you live in the middle of no-where, regular website SEO would be more suited for your business.

Do you want local clients?

Google maps only delivers clients local to you. If your ideal clients are a long way from you, maps isn’t for you.

Do you want more clients?

Would more clients benefit your business? If you are looking for more clients Google Maps is a great way to deliver them.

If the answer to the three questions above is yes, then you need to book a call and improve your Google Maps Entry today

What is the process?

  1. Complete an SEO report that shows where you are now and compares you with the three businesses that are top in your local area for keywords you want to rank for.
  2. Planning. Given where you are in the maps search a plan will be out together to show what the plan is for improving your entry on Google Maps.
  3. Monthly implementation. There are tasks to be done every month. That work will, with time, will start to result in more visitors to your Google Maps account. And with account improvements that will, with time, move you up the Google Maps listing
  4. Monthly reporting.
  5. Once you are getting the number of leads your business needs, our work is done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google maps and Google Business and Google my business the same thing?

Yes. These are all names for the Google Business service. I talk about maps as this is where your business is found ad so the part of that system that brings leads for your business.

Am I tied into Google Maps work?

No, we work on a rolling monthly contract. You can stop at any time. Once the work is stopped businesses tend to keep their position in the Maps search, but it won’t increase further.

How long do you work with photographers before they reach the top of Google maps?

This depends on many factors including your competition and where you are starting. But, 6 to 12 months is typical

Can I get the SEO report but not the follow up work?

Yes. You can get the report and work on Google maps yourself using the report. This tends to result in some improvement, but they tend too be slower and not as effective as us working on this for you.

How quickly will I see results?

It tends to take a couple of months of work before the results are seen. Initially the changes are slow, but as time moves on the movement up the search becomes much quicker.

What does SEO stand for?

Search Engine optimisation. It’s about getting found within a search system. That could be the standard Google search, Google maps, Amazon search or ant other online search system. Here we are talking about improving where you are found on the Google search.

Book a call and come away with three things you can do to improve your Google Maps Entry today