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You will get an appointment sent through from Sam to your inbox very soon. That will contain a calendar appointment, that should automatically add to your calendar (unless you keep a paper one). And it will contain a Teams link for the meeting.

Sam will see you in the meeting.

In the meantime if you think of anything else it would be useful for him to know before the meeting, just drop him an email at

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Did you Know we have a podcast for Photogaphers?

Shoot to the top is a weekly podcast for Photographers. It’s hosted by Sam Hollis, Website designer, marketer and founder of Website 4 Photographers, and, Marcus Ahmed, a photographer with over 20 years experience in the industry. Each week Sam, Marcus (and sometimes a guest) discuss a topic relevant to photographers in their business. be it composition, social media or the effects of AI on the industry. You can find it on all podcast platforms or by following the button below.